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Review: Consume (The Clann #3) by Melissa Darnell

Consume - Melissa Darnell
So. I read yet another book without checking to see if it was part of a series.
It was.
And yet, somehow no one is shocked....
Anyway, (as I now know) this is the third book in the Clann series, and it seemed to wrap up what I assumed was a trilogy. But it's not listed as a trilogy, so maybe there are more books to come? Not sure. Also not important to the enjoyment of this book.
After a few chapters I got the gist of what had happened in the previous books, and got sucked into Consume and it's cast of characters. Very cool story, but now I want to go back and read first two books.
Ugh. Because my to-read list isn't long enough as it is...
Tristan and Savannah are childhood friends who fell in love. Awww. So sweet! Anyway, Tristan was a member of the magic wielding Clann, who was slated to take over for his father as it's leader. Savannah was too, but she was a witch/vampire hybrid, so of course their love was forbidden. Evidently, at the end of the last book she was forced to turn him into a vampire hybrid in order to save his life.
So the story opens with her and her (vampire) father out in the middle of the woods trying to get Tristan's blood lust under control.
I'll admit I had a little Twitard flashback reading that part...
Oh, and Tristan's also lost his memory, so eating people seems like a good idea to him. Fortunately, his memory eventually comes back, and he stops trying to suck the blood of innocents.
But their troubles don't stop there.
Now they have to convince the vampire counsel and the Clann to stop fighting each other, and let them live happily ever after. Which would be a lot easier if the new Clann leader wasn't an extremist lunatic hell-bent on destroying all vampires. And blowing things up. And framing Savannah and Tristan for it.
Of course, the lovebirds have a major falling out over how to deal with this guy. Savannah wants him stopped, but Tristan (due to some spoilery stuff) wants him dead. Can they win the day and repair their love?
*cue dramatic music*
This was a really fun story, and I had no problems getting into it without having read the other books. If you haven't read these, you might want to check them out!
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