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Review: Lingerie Wars (Invertary #1) by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Lingerie Wars - Janet Elizabeth Henderson
I'm a sucker for romances featuring couples that start off as mortal enemies, especially the humorous ones. Dark and tortured souls really aren't my thing when it comes to love stories...not that there's anything wrong with that! Nope, give me a funny lighthearted story and you can basically guarantee that I won't put it down. If you're into that sort of thing too, then Lingerie Wars is something you'll enjoy.
The small town of Invertary is full of quirky characters that make the story pop off the page. My personal favorite was Betty, a crabby old lady who does everything in her power to make everyone in Invertary miserable. Lake inherits Betty as part of the contract that his sister signed when she bought the lingerie shop, and now he's stuck with her as his sidekick. Or at least that's what she call herself. Lake refers to her as the evil little hobbit troll. She's awful to everyone, and I loved her!
Lake is unapologetic about his need to beat Kirsty's shop out of existence, and equally up front about wanting to sleep with her in the meantime.
This doesn't pose a problem for him because he's a man. A stupid, stupid man.
Kirsty, however, is determined not to let his stupid man charms lull her into forgetting that his number one priority will end with her bankrupt and living with her mother.
But he is kinda hot...
As Lake slowly worms his way into the hearts of the town, Kirsty realizes that she may have more of a fight on her hands than she thought. She decides to ask her closest friend for help getting some publicity at the town festival, and ends up with more than she bargained for. Enter the Lingerie Wars! The town comes up with a unique solution to showcase both shops (and get some tourism dollars flowing) by cashing in on Kirsty and Lakes' rather public fighting. Kirsty still has enough fame left over from her modeling days to be interesting to the press, and Lake has managed to insert himself into the spotlight as her 'smokin hot nemesis' in this small town war.
By the time these two finish sabotaging each other privately and slugging it out publicly, they get to know each other pretty well. That's a problem for Lake. I mean, now he's got these pesky feelings inside of him, and since he's a stupid man, he's just not sure what to do to get rid of them. His big plan includes selling his shop once it's out of the red, and getting the hell out of Invertary as fast as he can. 
But leaving just doesn't hold the same appeal that it once did...
Not a particularly steamy romance, but it's funny and sweet. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a fluffy read that will make you giggle!